• Hydraulic Reference Turntable

    As the name proclaims, this was one of the first reference turntables (1963) with a pitch control as additional feature.
    First by means of applied friction on top of the strobewheel, later through an under the platter affixed bassin filled with a thick viscose liquid, where a vane mounted on the chassis could be submerged in or lifted out in order to provide a 2% minus or plus speed.

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  • From Transcriptor through Michell to Transrotor

    After initial success and recognition production on a larger scale of the Hydraulic Reference was outsourced to the company of John Michell, who manufacture them according to conditions and terms stated in a manifest called the "Technical Agreement".

    Later on, a German called, Jochen Räke, who used to work with Michell started his own turntable line called Transrotor, in which influences of the Transcriptor could still be recognized.

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  • Information / Support / Spares

    Our focus is on the Hydraulic Reference. For those who own one of these masterpieces we would like to give info concerning maintenance and repairs by means of manuals, pictures and tips

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Info concerning maintenance and repairs by means of manuals, pictures and tips


If you are looking for spare parts we will try to locate them for you (Ebay and Our Members) and provide you with the link. Buying is up to you.


If you have any questions about repairs or malfunctions you can contact us using the Contact form.


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We try to maintain the Transcriptors in their original state. But Sometimes we give our own interpretation, using different materials, coulours or other enhancements. Sometimes for the ear, sometimes for the eye, or just for both.

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